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Haitianos têm usado o México para chegar à fronteira com os Estados Unidos

US Ambassador to Mexico Call for Joint Migration Action – News

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar said this Saturday (9) that the two countries should work together to resolve the migration crisis that has worsened over the past Saturday.

“We are committed to reaching a solution United States And Mexico, we will try to find solutions, “he told a news conference after his inauguration.

Salazar acknowledged that the main theme of Friday (8) meeting between Mexican President Marcelo Efrard and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was not specifically the migration of Haitians. Two governments.

“This is a very important issue for both countries. It is an important issue for the entire Western Hemisphere,” the ambassador said. “We have a lot to do. We need to see how we can give confidence, create jobs and provide better opportunities,” Salazar said. Haitians, They left their home country and went to the United States and stayed in Mexico.

Since January, 147,000 illegal immigrants have been registered in Mexico, more than three times the number registered by 2020. The United States identified 212,000 detainees without formal documents and attempted to enter the country.

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