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US Ambassador to Brazil highlights partnership with Edson Quiros Foundation |  Teaching and learning

US Ambassador to Brazil highlights partnership with Edson Quiros Foundation | Teaching and learning

Jeffrey D. Snyder, Ambassador for the Press, Education and Culture at the US Consulate in Brazil; Lottermeier visits the President. Edson Quiros Foundation, Lenis Kuiro Rocha, said the partnership between the two sides will be strengthened in 2022 by strengthening the office. Education USA At the University of Fortaleza, in addition to other institutional partnerships.

Accompanying the managers on the visit were: Dean Fatima Veras, Extension Assistant Deans, Randall Bombay, Administration, Jose Maria Gondim, Bachelor and Graduate Education, Clara Bukharim and Technology, Milton Sousa. Lina Sena, Consultant at Office EducationUSA / Unifor.

Consul Lottermeier pointed out that Unifor is an important university not only for the US Embassy but also for the entire US diplomatic community in Brazil. “We have been partnering with the EducationUSA office for over ten years and have used our visit to renew our commitment to the Edson Queiroz Foundation, sponsor of the University of Fortaleza,” he announced after the meeting.

“EducationUSA represents a part of our partnership with Unifor, and as our partnership continues, we look forward to expanding our mutual interests in many areas by 2022, particularly in education, the arts and culture, and international exchanges. We also used this visit to strengthen the partnership between the Uniforms, ”he added.

The Office of EducationUSA / Unifor promotes information lectures with representatives of US universities, conducts workshops and study groups with the participation of affiliates and guests, organizes and participates in academic and student exhibitions, and collaborates in disseminating scholarships and financial aid to academics. .

About EducationUSA / Unifor

EducationUSA Counseling Centers is part of a US government network of 400 offices worldwide and approximately 40 offices in Brazil. Offices adhere to EducationUSA’s protocol standards, which are assessed by the EducationUSA Regional Coordination in the South Corner.

Affiliated with the Vice Dean of Expansion and the University Community, EducationUSA Headquarters at the University of Fortaleza opened in December 2010.

EducationUSA / Unifor instructs students to study in the United States individually or in groups. The guidelines follow the “5 Steps to Studying in the United States” system, which ranges from selecting universities to moving to the United States.