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Upon launching the science and technology program, Governor Wanderlei Barbosa hands over a facility for researchers and a laboratory to Unitins

With the aim of promoting the development of the state, the Acting Governor of Tocantins, Wanderley Barbosa, on Thursday launched the State Science, Technology and Innovation Program and a list of actions to benefit the scientific sector, through the Tocantins Research Support Foundation (Fapt). The event took place in the conference room of Palácio Araguaia and was attended by the researchers and general managers.

Among the actions presented is the Tocantins Technological Park project that will be implemented in the capital, on the beaches of Lago de Palmas, in NS-15, near Shopping Capim Dourado and the campuses of the University of Tocantins (Unitins) and the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT). The government expects to create a space to bring together companies, universities and public authorities, with the aim of stimulating a culture of innovation and contributing to the development of the country.

During the event, Governor Wanderlei Barbosa signed the bill outlining the legal framework for science and technology in Tocantins, and which provides incentives for scientific development, research, scientific and technological training and innovation. It also provided a vehicle for the structuring project, which will be used by researchers, and participated in the delivery of cost cards to the CAPES/FAPT Scholarship Program Coordinators.

We have to make investments in this area of ​​science and technology and research in all sectors. We know the importance and how we will industrialize the country and create more jobs. We have to look for these paths and look for partnerships. We focus on this sector, because we know it is the path to development, and if we provide resources, we will certainly be side by side with other countries to achieve technological development,” stressed Governor Wanderley Barbosa.

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During the launch of the program, the keys to the Animal Reference Laboratory (Lara) in Aragonese were also handed over to the President of the University of Tocantins (Universität). The establishment of the laboratory is the result of an agreement between the Government of Tocantins, through Fapt, with the funder of studies and projects (Finep), and seeks to reduce the logistical costs of rural producers who currently use the services of the laboratory in other states.

health insurance

Also during the event, Fapt and the Instituto Natureza do Tocantins (Naturatins) signed an agreement to support research projects aimed at knowledge, monitoring, management, use and protection of biodiversity, cultural heritage and natural resources in the state conservation units of Tocantins.

Investing in research

The term Grant Productivity Grant Notice has also been signed, which aims to assess PhD researchers with relevant scientific, technological and innovative production in their respective fields of knowledge, with a view to contributing to the development of Tocantins.

Fapt president Marcio Silvera defended that investing in science, technology and innovation can help transform Tocantins. “It is the first time in more than 30 years that the government has made a very important initiative for science and technology, such as making the scholarship available to Masters researchers, productivity scholarship, etc. These are the basics, but if we start to implement the basics well, we are sure that we will develop a lot” , as indicated.

the audience

The event was attended by the scientific community, general managers, university deans, state and federal representatives, and state secretaries.

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