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Unusual player discovery in Skyrim draws attention!

Skyrim is a real hit in the gaming world. The fifth episode of The Elder Scrolls series was released in 2011, and it attracts a lot of attention, mainly because of the freedom the player has and the immersion that leaves fans hallucinating when they play.

However, it is very common for fans of game franchises to enjoy revisiting their favorite titles. Remember and take back everything they went through before. However, in “Skyrim” this may end up annoying some people due to the slow start.

In order for you to understand, in the first minutes of the game, the player must follow a Scene This can take a long time for someone who is willing to get their hands dirty.

Especially for those who revisit the game. However, the player found a way to circumvent this and speed up the start of the game.

How to skip a file Scene From “Skyrim”?

Who shared the tip was player GreatGrassy on his Reddit profile. In the snippet, it says it uses a save file called “Prisioner”. But now the surprise comes: there is no need to download any kind of mod or anything like that.

As soon as the character leaves the wheelbarrow he is in, this file is generated by the game itself. All you need is a backup copy and be careful not to delete it from your system. When you want to start the game again, just choose to save “Prisioner” and it skips the game entirely Scene.

The advice is mainly focused on those who play “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” on consoles, since PC mods allow you to do this skips in an easy way.

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And if you think that Scene It only causes a headache for those who want to get back into the game, and that’s when you’re wrong. This is because the developers of “Skyrim” suffered greatly from the creation of this landscape.

The buggy needed an actual simulation to be created, so any obstacle would cause it to go off the rails. paying off:

“I have a story to tell about the introduction to Skyrim and how difficult it was to develop the game. This introduction is popular nowadays, but back then it was just something we had to work on all the time. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen this journey. Easily hundreds.”

So, do you like Scene From Skyrim or are you the kind of person who would rather skip it? Tell us in the comments!