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“Until the end of the season…”; Flamengo won the ESPN commentator’s support for Scarpa’s place

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Controversial transfer becomes a live topic on TV and experts advocate leaving Rio de Janeiro

Ageive/Marcelo Zambrana-Scarpa wins Shadow of the Flamengo

The rivalry between Palmeiras and Flamengo should remain high for a long time. Alverdez and Robro Negros have been confirmed to participate in FIFA’s new Club World Cup, which will debut in 2025. In a format similar to the World Cup, the event will be held every four years with separate phases between sets and kills. For an ESPN journalist, A familiar face in Rio could play competition for Verdau.

During ESPN F90, commentator Rodrigo Bueno argued that Everton Ribeiro would be a good choice for Palmeiras to replace Gustavo Scarpa. Even without anything concrete about a supposed trip to Verdau, the spokesman raised the possibility of a move if the Rio de Janeiro midfielder continues to remain on the bench.

“So far (he was happy). If he stays on the bench until the end of the season… Thinking about it, Everton Ribeiro would be a good reinforcement for Scarpa’s place at Palmeiras. Gallo, the other contender for trophies, if he has the conditions, can also afford it”Defended Rodrigo Bueno.

Ageive / Thiago Ribeiro – Everton Ribeiro is taken from Palmeiras

Do you think Palmeiras should invest in veteran Everton Ribeiro?

Do you think Palmeiras should invest in veteran Everton Ribeiro?

Yes, he is a great player no matter his age

Never, besides Flamengo, he still played for Corinthians

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The statement in the sports program had a lot of repercussions on the web and sparked discussions between them Palm. However, Torcedores has relived an interview that Everton Ribeiro gave to Globo Esporte, when the midfielder calmed the Rubro-Negra crowd about Always in the club. The athlete has a great acquaintance with Clube Carioca and renewal could only be a matter of time.

“As I said at the beginning of the year, we still have a long year ahead of us, there are many important competitions. I find it very difficult for renewal to become an issue. I have a good relationship with the board of directors, so now I am focused on these competitions and at the right time we will talk and everything will be on Alright (…) I have a story, when I came, I dreamed of building it. Today it’s bigger than I expected. I thank Flamengo, who gave us such a wonderful structure to work with”, Everton Ribeiro told Globo Esporte.

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