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Unrestricted and other entities insist on rejecting the minimum salary for nurses - general

Unrestricted and other entities insist on rejecting the minimum salary for nurses – general

The nurses of Bosnia and Herzegovina staged several protests last year to demand a better evaluation of this category (Photo: Gladyston Rodrigues / EM / DA Press)

Although many entities in the private health sector have requested veto power, Senators And representatives of the Federal Nursing Council)ConvinIt met almost on Monday (5/10) to discuss the feasibility of the 20202564 bill establishing the ground for the class.

The initiative, written by Senator Fbio Contarato (Rede-ES), was rejected by Unimed, National Association of Private Hospitals (Anahp), Brazilian Federation of Hospitals (FBH), National Union of Complementary Health, Brazilian Association Health plans (Abramge), the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine (Abramed), the Association of Santa Casas de Misericrdia, the Hospitals and Charitable Entities (CMB) and the National Federation of Health (CN Sade).

Entities claim to be new level It will negatively impact the health budget annually, culminating in the closures of non-profit hospitals, Santas Casas and jobs.

The document requesting the proposed veto was sent to Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) on March 10.

However, parliamentarians on Monday highlighted at the virtual meeting the importance of approving the bill, which sets a minimum salary of 7,315 reais for nurses, 5,120.50 reais for nursing technicians and 3,657.50 reais for assistants, based on 30 working hours per week. For the public and private sectors.

Unfortunately, no Federal government He did not send a representative to participate in the dialogue. We are committed to continuing this battle until the project is put to a vote. The President of the Senate undertook to communicate with the President of the Republic and the Speaker of the House of Representatives so that we would all be united in this defense. We will continue to advocate for the dignity of the salary a nursing deserves and needs, ”Fbio Contarato highlights.

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Senator Elysian Gamma (Citizenship-MA) recalls that the bill will alleviate the difficulties faced by professionals, who have worked hard during the pandemic. Covid-19.

“We have May 12 as International Nursing Day, which is a very important day. There will be several discussions next week. It is an important moment to define new goals, new moments for nursing in Brazil, which, by the way, in this epidemic period, are in the foreground. Hundreds, bad. Fortunately, a lot of the nursing staff turned out precisely because they were on the front lines.

Dialogue request

In contact with Minas StateBruno Farias, President of the State Nursing Council (Coren-MG), condemned the position of entities in the private health sector and called for further dialogue between representatives of this category.

As president of Corinne MG, I think the bare minimum these entities can do is invite the people most interested in the topic to a clear and candid conversation. Our nursing is already obsolete, undervalued, and the grounds have suffered more than just a historic battle. persistent need. Seeing putative joints dark, without dialogue with class, very disgusting. Why did he not invite us to a discussion? “, Asks.

In an interview with Senado TV, Vice President of the Federal Nursing Council, Antonio Marcus Gomez, stated that the profession needs to be appreciated in the face of difficulties.

Today, Brazilian nursing employs more than 2.4 million workers. Today, we see a lot of wear and tear, as professionals need to hold a couple of jobs to maintain a decent life and earn a reasonable salary. We urgently need to pass the bill, “he said.

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