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Unprotected, Marquezin promotes a bartender party at a rockstar in Rio

Unprotected, Marquezin promotes a bartender party at a rockstar in Rio

Bruna Marquezine He showed how it was done and stole the spotlight for himself by wasting sympathy and enthusiasm on his visit to the Doritos platform, on the last day of rock in rioThis Sunday (9/11).

Accessible like never before, the actress even promoted a separate party in space, when she found out it was the waiter’s birthday who served her. In complete comfort and free from the constraints of your team, The artist united with “the people”. And he went to be happy. LeoDias columnOf course, I followed her every step of the way.

In addition to leading the congratulatory choir for the employee, the Globo veteran also distributed pizza to the audience, sang and danced and refused to protect her advice, who did not hide her despair at seeing her loose in the crowd.

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to complete the package, Bruna Marquezine did not run away from journalists They also insisted that all professionals be gathered to serve them at a press conference. Not only that, but he also answered requests for photos, was always smiling and attentive. But of course, there was no shortage of comparisons with Jade Baconwhich made a bad impression the day before.

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The night with Marquezine in the Doritos stand was as positive as possible. From the service team to the organizers, passing through the journalistic professionals, the topic was only one: Humility and joy Bruna Marquezine.

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