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Unlike the WHO, the United States does not recommend the use of masks for vaccination

In addition to the World Health Organization, the Los Angeles government has again recommended the use of masks in the region due to the delta variation of Govt-19.

The mask is not mandatory in the United States

Shortly after the Los Angeles government followed the guidelines World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccinated Americans are advised to wear masks to protect themselves Delta variant Gives Govit-19 To us United States, Federal officials in the country said on Wednesday, 30, that they did not think the move was necessary. In an interview with the NBC, Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said anyone who gets vaccinated is “safe from contagious species”, but that local lawmakers must decide policies. Preventive measures should be followed.

The director noted that the WHO recommendations are global and that not all countries have the same vaccination rates as the United States. Because the vaccine is available to all adults, some U.S. states also offer gifts to encourage people to become immunocompromised. A survey of the CDC, the delta variant, was first detected in India and is considered “worrying” by the WHO, accounting for 26.1% of infections between June 5 and 19. The organization plans that this will become the mainstay of the disease in the world in a short period of time because it is highly contagious, and vaccines are recommended to keep their masks, especially in closed areas.