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United States to expand recommendation not to travel to 130 countries

United States to expand recommendation not to travel to 130 countries

The US State Department announced on Monday (April 19, 2021) that it would increase its orientationDo not travelTo 130 countriesUnprecedented danger to passengers ”.

In light of these risks, the State Department strongly recommends that U.S. citizens reconsider all travel abroad.r ”, the company said in a statement.

At least 34 countries, including Brazil, already have “Level 4“, Very high. U.S. citizens are advised not to travel to these countries for a variety of reasons, including epidemics, crime and civil disorder. Access the full list Here.

“This update will significantly increase the number of countries in the 4th tier, ‘Do not travel’, to 80% of countries in the world”, The company said.

The United States has imposed restrictions on non-US citizens and has recently visited Europe, China, Brazil, Iran and South Africa.

Second or port, option “Reflects a shift to the State Department’s travel advisory system to rely more on existing epidemiological estimates (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC).”

Foreign Ministry insists on CDC dataBased on science“e”Describe the current issues affecting the health of travelers”.

As passengers continue to be at risk from the Govt-19 epidemic, the State Department will begin updating its travel announcements this week to better reflect the CDC’s travel health announcements.”, The element announced.

Our announcements also take into account logistics factors, including the availability of trials in the country and current travel restrictions for US citizens.”, The element announced.

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that those fully vaccinated against Govt-19 could travel across the United States. “Low risk”, But Rochelle Valenci, director of the center, suggested that Americans should not travel because of the high number of cases in the country.

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