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United Kingdom.  The young man who refused to work with Govt-19 symptoms said goodbye

United Kingdom. The young man who refused to work with Govt-19 symptoms said goodbye

Rachel Baileys, a young woman from England, was fired from the bar where she worked for refusing to work with Covit-19 symptoms. After the PCR test, the result was positive.

According to the British newspaper Metro, the symptoms – cough and fever – started on Tuesday and he was told to leave early that day. However, she was told she could only leave if she could find someone to replace her. Rachel decided to do self-examination to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the result of which was negative, so she decided to continue working.

The next day, I learned that a colleague had tested positive and decided to schedule a PCR test for him. After telling her employer that she was not going to go to work, Rachel was advised that “corporate policy” means that you must first “self-examine” before leaving the job. “If it’s positive, plan a PCR and isolate yourself until you get results. Please understand that it is unacceptable not to come to your shift tonight, ”the message read.

The 22-year-old said self-tests were “disgracefully unbelievable” and had two of the three warning signs of the British National Health Organization – the NHS. Rachel warned him that he would resign if they did not understand his purpose because he “did not feel comfortable” and feared it might “affect clients and colleagues”. But the resignation was not accepted.

The employer responded that he would not accept the resignation because he wanted to “personally discuss” the end of his probationary period with the young woman. “You did not show much respect for management’s demands / policies last week, which reached a critical juncture last night,” he said, adding that on the day he created the symptoms, he “threatened to leave the bar innumerable times” and “changed his clothes before the shift manager was allowed to leave”. .

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To the Metro newspaper, the young woman explained that she had gone to the street and taken her coat because she was not feeling well. “I told management I was in a bad mood and I sat on the street wearing my coat and they were angry because I apparently changed my clothes,” he said. “That’s when I threatened to leave.”

The young woman, a university student, insisted that all the reasons given by her employer for her resignation were related to the day she did not want to work because she had symptoms.

In response, a spokesman for the bar’s group said he was “aware of allegations” that the company “did not follow security protocols”. However, I declined to comment further as the next steps regarding the case have not been established.