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United Kingdom: Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines reduce infections by 65% ​​- science and health

United Kingdom: Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines reduce infections by 65% ​​- science and health

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Data show that only a single dose has begun to have a positive effect on reducing the spread of corona virus.

A single dose of Astrogenogen and Pfizer vaccines reduces the risk of infection with the new corona virus by 65%. These results also show that it protects older and younger people.

Astrogenogen vaccine

Astrogenogen vaccine

The results were published by the University of Oxford – which developed one of the vaccines analyzed here with AstraZeneca – and the English National Statistics Office. The researchers tested more than 350,000 people in the UK between December and April and concluded that 21 days after taking the first dose (the time it takes to develop a visible immune system), the new Covit-19 infections had dropped by 65%.

This means that the vaccine, which began in December, is already having an impact on the number of infections and the breakdown of transmission chains. Hospitalization and the overload of medical services were also avoided.

Data also show that vaccines are more effective against symptoms than asymptomatic infections, reducing rates by 72% and 57%, respectively.

Results quoted Defender An analysis of the production of antibodies by vaccines has been revealed in a pre-release. The first results in this case indicate a high level of antibodies produced by the Pfizer vaccine, but it is rapidly declining, especially in older ones, to levels similar to those of the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine.

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