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United Kingdom Closes Partnership with Salvador City Hall in Education Area

The British government will this Thursday (10) launch two partnerships in the education sector with the city of Salvador: the UK Embassy-led Skills for Prosperity Partnership and a co-operation agreement between the city’s education sector. The British Council, which provides opportunities for continuing professional development for teachers, teacher trainers and other professionals in the education sector.

‚ÄúPromoting the growth of education is a priority for the UK. We know that learning English is essential for young people to have a successful career. Therefore, we want to contribute to those with limited resources to have this opportunity and teachers to be prepared for this task. “Partnerships like these symbolize one of the core tasks of diplomacy: bringing countries together to promote social justice and equal opportunity,” said Melanie Hopkins, Acting Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The British Council’s contract with the City of Salvador is developing the skills of English language teachers, improving their fluency and specific skills for teaching the language. Educators from other areas can also benefit from this initiative as it includes continuing education for science teachers and their technologies.

oh Skills for Prosperity (Skills for Prosperity) is a UK Government global initiative implemented in Brazil that aims to support economic growth and poverty reduction by providing access to quality education and skills development for young people and disadvantaged groups.

In Brazil, the program focuses on democratizing access to English language teaching (ELT). English language teaching) quality in public schools from an English as a Language (ILF) perspective, that is, an intercultural communication perspective. The program envisages that students who are better trained in English will be better placed to develop critical skills for the world of work, promoting inclusive economic growth in the country.

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* With information from the United Kingdom Embassy and Salvador City Hall.