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Unimed-Rio opens the first emergency room in the northern region

a UNIMID Ryo Officially opened, Pronto Atendimento Méier is the first cooperative in the northern region of the city. Located inside Marcus Moraes Hospital – It is the result of a partnership between Unimed-Rio and Clinical Oncology Group The unit has urgent and emergency care in a 24-hour medical clinic for adults, every day of the week, in addition to having a complete infrastructure for diagnostic support examinations. In the first few months, it is estimated that BP serves 900 to 1,000 patients per month.

“The opening is another milestone in the history of Unimed-Rio, especially when we talk about vertical integration through partnerships, in a project that has been accelerated in the past five years. The choice of the neighborhood was no coincidence. Meyer has a large portion of active beneficiaries in Unimed-Rio in the northern region “We want to offer excellence in our service to the people of the region and the surrounding neighborhoods,” says Romeo Scofano, President of Unimed-Rio.

The Meyer emergency room is the fourth urgent and emergency care unit opened by Unimed-Rio. The worker has two in Barra da Tijuca, one in Unimed-Rio Hospital, and one in Copacabana. PA Méier has five offices; Ten medicine chairs, six control beds; Two stabilizing beds, targeting critically ill patients; And an ambulance exclusive to removals.

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