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Unimed Odonto launches a virtual oral health advisor with artificial intelligence

Unimed Odonto launches a virtual oral health advisor with artificial intelligence

The Unimed Dentaldental operator in the Unimed system, Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (inappropriate), and the São Paulo Research Foundation (fasbsp) and technology company No final An unprecedented partnership has formed in Brazil to develop virtual oral health consultations with artificial intelligence (AI). The digital platform assesses oral disease risks, provides personalized guidance and can indicate which professionals are most likely to solve a user’s problem. In this first phase, Tina will be assessing the risks of developing caries and dental erosion, however, new features are already planned to become available.

Funded by the Pipeline Program (Innovative Research in Small Business – with a Stimulus of Research and Technology) by Fapesp and Unimed Odonto, the platform will be integrated into the Unimed Odonto Super application and, at this initial stage, will be available to all users of the application.

The tool was created by researchers in dentistry and technology associated with Unesp, who built a questionnaire and decision algorithm that will be used by users to obtain specific information and guidance. Among the questions that will be asked are questions about hygiene, food and health care habits.

According to Fábio Nogi, Superintendent of Dentistry and Masters in Social Dentistry at the University of São Paulo, Tina will have easy navigation and will enable users through self-knowledge of their oral conditions and the provision of qualified information, which contributes to people’s assumption of a greater role in oral health self-care, And avoid diseases such as cavities and dental erosion, as well as more serious diseases in the later stages of the project. “This is a public-private partnership in dentistry that links academic research with the private sector, being an innovator in the dental plan sector. It is important to emphasize that at the second moment, through the tool, the user will also be able to find the nearest dentist in our accredited network, in the indicated specialty, for clinical evaluation and treatment”, adds Nogi.

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“We will have an unprecedented map of the oral health status of Unimed clients and people interested in better dental health. This is revolutionary, because in addition to empowering people through self-knowledge, it allows for the development of personal health promotion programs and perhaps the most efficient”, says Osmir Batista de Oliveira Jr, Ph.D. and Professor of Dentistry at Unesp Araraquara.

The project was Professor Tamara Carolina Trevisan as responsible researcher and involved Fábio Nogi, MA and National Director of Unimed Odonto; Denis Henrique Pinheiro Salvido, Ph.D.; Dennis Nakamura, startup mentor; Fábio Leite Gastal, Ph.D. and New Business Supervisor at Seguros Unimed; Stephen Kunihiro, MA; and Osmir Battista de Oliveira Jr., Ph.D. and Free Professor of Dentistry from Unesp Araraquara University, all of whom are co-researchers.