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Unimed Criciúma offers special conditions for those who wish to purchase a health plan

Arraial de Offers Unimed takes place this Wednesday, with options for individuals and companies

The July climate is the theme of the activity that will be carried out by Unimed Criciúma throughout Wednesday the 20th. With Arraial de Offers Unimed, the institution will offer discounts and differentiated benefits to those who wish to purchase a health plan. The initiative is valid for individuals and legal entities in the Criciúma and Araranguá regions.

It is a whole day on special terms at the table. In the case of plans for individuals, the discounts are up to 80% in the first installment and 40% in the second installment. In corporate options, the discounts are 60% and 30% on the first and second monthly payments, respectively.

The differences are for local plans, i.e. with access to all Unimed Criciúma Network’s private services. The cooperative currently includes two hospitals, a maternity hospital, a neonatal intensive care unit, an oncology and hematology center, a network of laboratories, a diagnostic imaging center, telemedicine, as well as more than 400 doctors specializing in various fields. A third hospital is being built in Ararangua, due for completion in 2023.

“Our goal is to make health care more accessible to people. The more users who have access to the health plan, the more affordable it becomes. And when we talk about the Unimed health plan, it is the largest system of health cooperatives in the world, with quality, safety, credibility and efficiency,” as The President of Unimed Criciúma highlights, Leandro Avani Nunes. Anyone interested can contact us at (48) 3431-5909 (which is also WhatsApp) or on social media: @unimedcriciuma.

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Collaboration: Press Office – Vanessa Amando