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Understand why your iPhone battery drains faster |  cell

Understand why your iPhone battery drains faster | cell

battery Iphone Does it last less? many users prison cell An apple Complaining about this problem for the past few days. The complaint coincides with the arrival iOS 16A new version of the system that works on most Apple smartphones. To understand the problem – which specialists consider fleeting – it is necessary to delve into how the cellular system works.

The new version of the system was Released for download on September 12 available for iPhone 8 and subsequent generations. The update was highly anticipated by consumers, mainly due to the new customization options for the lock screen and the return of the battery percentage at the top of the screen. There are several reasons why the battery drains faster in iOS 16. take you List some of the reasons in the following lines.

iOS 16 released with iPhone 14 – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

Why does my iPhone battery look dead after an update?

Despite the significant ramifications about the performance drop caused by the new iOS 16 update, this is nothing new. Excessive battery drain after the iPhone system update process is normal and necessary. But fear not: power consumption should return to normal within 48 hours, as Apple has already made clear in previous customer complaints.

Once the iPhone boots up after installing a new update, iOS starts asking for more processor resources to finish system modifications. Some users may even feel the device get hot and even slower in the first hours after the update. This is because this whole process takes place in the background. This means: while you are using WhatsApp, Instagram, playing games and recording videos, for example, your iPhone is working “hidden”, doing various tasks to get the system completely ready. That’s why the battery lasts less at first.

However, this additional work is temporary. After making all necessary adjustments, the battery should be back to normal. One factor that can aggravate the abnormal time is the amount of files saved on the device. The more photos, videos, documents, and apps installed on your iPhone, the longer it will take to get the job done. Anyway, according to Apple, “If 48 hours haven’t passed since you installed the update, give your iPhone more time to set.”

However, it’s important to understand that there are other factors in iOS 16 that exacerbate this feeling of your battery running less, as we’ll explain below.

The new touch keyboard uses more battery in iOS 16

Simply access the Sound and Touch section of Settings to turn the touch keyboard on or off – Image: reproduce/TechTudo

Apple has not mentioned any improvements in terms of battery life as one of the new features of iOS 16. In fact, some apps in the system may be able to reduce iPhone battery life quite a bit. It is with the new feature touch keyboard, which returns haptic feedback to the user while typing. According to the Apple Support page, enabling this vibration feature may affect the battery life of the company’s smartphone.

However, it should be noted that the new functionality is not automatically activated after the new update. Including, she It can be enabled and disabled by the useras shown here in take you. The company does not provide many details about the energy consumption of the resource. Thus, there is no way to measure the true impact of haptic feedback on the iPhone battery with iOS 16.

AI is one of the culprits of battery drain in iOS 16

Gallery on iPhone uses artificial intelligence – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

The new iOS Photos app has received advances in machine learning and is now even smarter. The app was already able to use the company’s most advanced chipset to perform billions of calculations to recognize faces and objects in photos and videos. Now in iOS 16, Photos also detects duplicate photos in your gallery.

It turns out that this process can take hours and even days to complete, depending on the amount of photos and videos you have on your device. Apple suggests leaving the iPhone plugged in to the charger overnight and connected to Wi-Fi, so that the feature runs more smoothly.

iPhone Spotlight Search

iOS search engine Spotlight uses artificial intelligence to scan many apps and show more detailed results – Image: Playback / MacRumors

iPhone comes with an advanced search engine that can read the content within your installed apps to display better results for any search you have done. If you’re looking for the name of a city, for example, your iPhone can return you not only with Internet searches, but also with photos from the gallery you took there. In addition, it also scans the email and messaging app to display the results of that search—perhaps to help you locate the airline ticket you purchased a while ago.

For this search engine to function well, the iPhone needs to index all the content saved within its apps. Therefore, it will use the resources of the device in the background. The process is lengthy and consumes more battery after a major system update, as you have to do all this check again. After a few hours, the trend is for energy expenditure to become normal.

What to do to avoid battery drain in iOS 16

Here are some tips to increase battery life – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / TechTudo

As explained above, some of the iOS 16 features may be the explanation for reducing the iPhone’s power autonomy at this first moment of the update. If you updated your iPhone recently, it may take some time for it to return to normal. However, there are some tips that can help prevent the battery from draining so quickly. One of them is to always keep the apps up to date. Old applications are more prone to instability during operation. These factors make your iPhone work harder to do these tasks.

If the problem persists, it is worth restarting the device. The process is so simple that many people ignore it. It is possible that the system will have difficulties in optimizing an application, whether from the iPhone itself or installed by the user. Rebooting the device may force you to re-update the device that failed due to some an insect.

If nothing works, it is worth checking the health of the battery on the iPhone. To do that, just go to Settings, tap on Battery, and finally on Battery Health. A healthy battery capacity should not be less than 80%. If the displayed value is less, it is important to visit the service center for component maintenance.

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