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Understand why Dodo sat on the bench, but did not play for Palmeiras against Vasco |  Palm trees

Understand why Dodo sat on the bench, but did not play for Palmeiras against Vasco | Palm trees

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After 10 months, Dodo’s name was written on the registration paper again. He was released after recovering from surgery on a torn knee ligament, but on Thursday night, at Allianz Parque, in a 2-0 win over Vasco, he did not leave the bench. However, there is a reason: he still does not feel comfortable playing.

– He was with us, I spoke to him two days ago, yesterday and this morning we had a conversation and he said he was not comfortable playing, but he wanted to be with the group – revealed Abel Ferreira.

Dodo before Palmeiras x Vasco – Photography: Marcos Riboli

The coach, in turn, says that he agreed to the striker’s departure, even if he remains only on the bench. So much so that the number 7 didn’t even leave room for a warm-up, for example.

-I said that he is a leader and that I want him to be with the group, to help in any way he can. It’s good to see the love from the fans and what I want most is for him to come back with confidence for sure. I don’t want you to come back not feeling well. We’ve had this conversation and this is how we’re going to do our best to Palm trees – Complete.

Abel Ferreira from Palmeiras offers Alvaro Pacheco from Vasco a bottle of wine

Expectations have grown even greater due to the additional replacement it guarantees Palm treesdue to the substitution that Vasco suffered due to a head collision – in the case of Rojas -, but the match ended without the number 7 on the field.

The striker has been training with the team over the past few weeks and participated in two training matches during FIFA data, which were specifically scheduled to provide physical conditioning for the recovering athletes. He was expected to be included again against Vasco and now is expected to make his first appearance on the pitch since August last year.

Dodo before the Palmeiras-Vasco match – Photo: Ettore Chieriguini/AGIF

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