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Understand what prompted Ruggiero and Baronca to abandon the powerful couple

Understand what prompted Ruggiero and Baronca to abandon the powerful couple

After a public fight takes place at the Power Couple headquarters, Rogério and Baronesa are no longer seen on PlayPlus cameras. Netizens who suspected they were leaving the program were right, Record confirmed Friday morning (27/5). LeoDias’ column now explains all the reasons why MC Gui’s parents quit.

It all started with the return of Ruggiero and Baronca da Dr., when the feud with Cartoloco began. The former A Fazenda could have mentioned something about MC Gui’s father leaving a dirty bathroom, but in the face of the live broadcast, they both controlled themselves. Once Brenda and Matthews were back from the spotlight, the generalized fight really began, with Ruggiero even throwing water on the former A Fazenda again.


The situation became even more sensitive when Kartoloko realized that Ruggiero was going to ask Gabi to fight. The former Fazenda had to be restrained by three participants so that they would not quarrel with MC Gui’s father, who also needed insurance. The fight was so great that show protocols were broken, and a security guard from the network entered the place to contain the confusion.

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In another tense moment, outside the headquarters, Ruggiero took a potted plant to throw into Kartoloko and Gabi’s room, smashing a window. Soon the camera was cut, but after a short time, Baronsa’s husband could be seen interfering with the production. Ivy’s friend Nandinho stated that he saw the situation and that the player would have asked to leave the program, after saying goodbye to people who were outside. “I asked to leave, that’s it,” he commented, regarding the program’s rules. On Friday morning (5/27) the couple’s withdrawal was confirmed by Record TV.

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