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Understand the fourth desert battle after the game of discord

Discord game Beef was sown among the fourth allies in the desert BBB 23 (Globe).

They have to argue after the dynamic, and Bruna Grippo It is hinted that he no longer plays with his inmates.

Understand Desert Brawl IV

  • Griphao complained about itUnlike her, the group preferred not to quarrel with the House and chose to attack their allies in the dynamic

  • Paula called Tina “untrustworthy”he chose Larissa Gabriel as his “untrustworthy” and Fred chose Bruno as his “home target”

  • Allen Werley, for one, called Ricardo to take a pie in the face and said the brother was a “talker.”

  • The boy said Allen’s lines served to inspire Fred Nicasio to attack him

How is the group doing now?

After discussing the topic, Fred suggested the group think better about the upcoming discord gamesThis is to avoid friction between allies.

“The game of discord we have always treated as a joke, and now we have to stop and talk first,” he suggested.

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