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unbelievable!  The woman does not eat to feed her six cats

unbelievable! The woman does not eat to feed her six cats

Jasmine Kaptan, who lives in Tottenham, North London (England), eats only one meal a week, and the reason is out of the ordinary.

Jasmine, 46, only eats once to save money and buy food for her six cats. At the weekly meal, Jasmine eats vegetables with barbecue sauce. On “diet” days, Jasmine has lunch and mint tea for dinner. With this diet, in one year, I lost about 32 kilograms.

“I don’t have any money left,” he said, “but I can’t let the cats go.”

Women receive an allowance of 69 pounds (about R$443) per week. Of this amount, 60 pounds (R$385) is intended for the animals. She also receives a £400 (£400) monthly disability benefit for osteoporosis, which pays her rent and bills, according to Coventry Telegraph.

“Cat litter, cat food, cat biscuits, and special milk eat up all my money. I can only pay my phone bill.” “There is nothing I can do. My cats have been with me for 17 years, they are my children.”

Jasmine started raising cats when she was working in a store, and the salary was enough to take care of her and the kittens. However, with osteoporosis, she had to quit her job.

“I try to be happy with myself, but I’m depressed and tired.”

Cats love

Cat love is an emotion or feeling that some people have. Many people live with adorable, adorable, and fuzzy cats and enjoy their company as pets.

Many cat lovers value the natural abilities and behaviors of animals, as much as their own capacity From catching rodents or suiting up for thorough cleaning. Some people also find that the simple act of petting or playing with a cat can have a calming and relaxing effect on their lives.

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