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“Unbelievable, he just said that”;  Andres Sanchez kills “two birds with one stone”, sends shade to Flamengo’s Vitor Pereira and to a journalist

“Unbelievable, he just said that”; Andres Sanchez kills “two birds with one stone”, sends shade to Flamengo’s Vitor Pereira and to a journalist


Posted by the former president of Corinthians on Twitter

Photo: Daniel Forli/AGIF – Andres Sanchez was president of Corinthians

After losing four titles in less than two months, Coach Vitor Pereira has been subjected to a lot of criticism from the fans and the press. Even Flamengo faces another decisive confrontation. Next Monday (13), Rubro Negro will host Vasco in the first match of the semi-finals of the Carioca tournament. Getting rid of his biggest rival would be a tragedy.

The Portuguese coach was even targeted by people associated with Corinthians, the team he left after the end of last year. One of them was Andres Sanchez. He didn’t mention names on Twitter, but let’s understand that he won’t be in charge of Flamengo when it comes time for the two teams to face each other., at Arena Corinthians, in Brazil, on October 1. This match is highly anticipated, after all, Club Paulista fans should take their former coach’s feet for granted.

A popular Twitter profile explained what the former Corinthians boss was going to say: “I just learned from Flamengo’s press professional (Mauro Cesar) that he (Vitor Pereira) wouldn’t even sit in the arena. He already fell! Since he (Mauro Cesar) knows a lot about Flamengo, right? I became ‘FLANelinha'”Said the former president of Corinthians. It is worth noting that journalist Mauro Cesar Pereira said that Vitor Pereira is fighting an internal battle in Flamengo and that he may lose his position due to a power struggle in Club Carioca.

Photo VP: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF – Photo Mauro: Reproduction / ESPN – Vítor Pereira and Mauro Cézar were targets for Andres Sanchez

The term “FLANelinha” is still said in Andrés’ speech in a pejorative manner. It would be a mix between Flamengo and a clique, as some people are against Vitor Pereira’s resignation.. Journalist Renato Mauricio Prado defines the expression as: “the group that likes to talk about processes, cycles and other modern nonsense (…)”.

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Andres Sanchez…

Andres Sanchez…

I can’t stop talking about Flamengo

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It is known that Andres Sanchez and Mauro Cesar Pereira do not fight Which is not today. The two continue to exchange barbs over social networks. Sanchez He also likes to pick on the PortugueseSince he decided to go to Flamengo.