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UN resolution: Why did China, India and the UAE abstain from voting?  |  World

UN resolution: Why did China, India and the UAE abstain from voting? | World

At the end of the second day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia15 countries that are part of the Security Council United nations They voted on a resolution condemning military action.

The resolution received a favorable vote of 11 out of 15 members of the council, including Brazil, which is a temporary member of the council. The Russia It was the only vote against and overturn the proposal on Friday (25), but three council member states abstained:

  • China;
  • India;
  • Arab Emirates.

China avoided criticism Russia – The country avoids using the word invasion in its official statements, President Xi Jinping spoke with Vladimir Putin on the phone and the Chinese publicly criticized the sanctions against the Russians.

But what were the reasons that prompted India and the UAE to abstain from voting on the resolution?

The sounds were a surprise. Officially, the two countries said they did not vote in favor of the resolution because condemning the Security Council would prevent a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

India depends on weapons Russia

India, however, has a close relationship with the Russians. From 60% to 70% of Indian weapons of Russian origin and the Indo-Russian anti-missile defense system.

In addition, the Russians also provide fertilizers for Indian agriculture.

President Putin visited India in December 2021 (during the pandemic, not many people left Russia).

The United Arab Emirates are allies of the United States

The biggest surprise was the United Arab Emirates, an ally of the United States.

Despite the abstention, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh stated that her country agreed to confirm the proposal United nations In compliance with international law and committed to the integrity, sovereignty and independence of all countries in United nations.

However, the country abstained from voting.

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