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UN issues resolution against Russia's 'hostile'

UN issues resolution against Russia’s ‘hostile’

Cemetery in Mykolaiv, a Russian city in southern Ukraine, besieged

Photo: EPA/ANSA – Brazil

On Thursday (24th) the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution calling for an immediate end to “Russia’s hostility” in Ukraine.

The text received 140 votes in favor and only five against, including Russia’s own vote, plus 38 abstentions, in another diplomatic defeat for Moscow at the United Nations. The result is roughly equivalent to the March 2 resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

At that time, the measure received 141 votes in favor and five against, in addition to 35 abstentions. The only countries that voted “no” in both cases were Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Russia and Syria. China abstained in both votes.

Thursday’s resolution calls for an “immediate cessation of hostilities by Russia, in particular any attacks against civilians,” and to allow access to humanitarian, medical and journalistic aid to conflict sites. The text is not binding, but carries symbolic weight by revealing Moscow’s isolation from the international community.

To justify the abstention, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, said he appreciated the “principles” of the resolution, but said some of the items “go beyond the humanitarian issue in Ukraine.” Beijing has defended a project proposed by South Africa that did not mention Russia by name.

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