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UK's new justice minister alleges harassment - News

UK’s new justice minister alleges harassment – News

oh The new British justice minister is Dominic RaabHe was accused of harassing his team during his command of the portfolio Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s governmentBetween September 2021 and September 2022.

The allegations involve one more of those selected to join the group Prime Minister Rishi Sunakwhat He took charge three weeks ago🇧🇷 The Guardian newspaper says that because a “way” was proposed to ministry officials Some were afraid to work with Rahab again And A “culture of fear” was described at the service run by a “rude” and “aggressive” man.

The newspaper also said that his new appointment is for the position he left during the short film Lis Truss Government This causes distress to many employees, some of whom even consider resigning.

The Sun Tabloid. This, in turn, refers to Rahab He threw a tomato in anger at a crowdHis spokesman called it “ridiculous”, adding that “Dominic works hard and expects a lot from his team and himself”.

Last Tuesday night (8), British minister without portfolio Gavin Williamson announced his resignation after allegations of harassment.

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