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UK's main airport cuts further flights due to understaffing |  Tourism and Travel

UK’s main airport cuts further flights due to understaffing | Tourism and Travel

Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the UK. Further reduced its flight schedule For this summer. Like other British and European airports, Heathrow has been plagued by months of chaos such as cancellations, delays, long queues or problems with package delivery. Difficulties in absorbing demand, mainly due to staff shortages.

The Executive Director of Charles de Gaulle Airport said this 35,000 bags loss A “catastrophe” during the strike.

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After dozens of cancellations on Monday (11), Heathrow announced this Tuesday (12). 100,000 passengers per day for two months Leaving the airport. The figure indicates 4,000 passengers less than expected.

“On an average, only 1,500 of these 4,000 (removed) seats per day have been sold so far. “We are therefore asking our partner airlines to stop selling tickets for the summer to minimize the impact on passengers,” Heathrow managing director John Holland-Kay said in a statement.

According to him, some core functions of the airport suffer from significant manpower shortages, “mainly ground staff employed by airlines” to manage the check-in and sorting of baggage.

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Airlines mainly take advantage of the temporary relaxation of take-off and landing time restrictions in July and August, a British government initiative that allows companies to change their schedules without losing their rights for the following season.

However, Heathrow regretted that not all airlines had “taken significant steps” after the relaxation, so passenger numbers would have been limited until 9/11. Its aim is to “secure flights for the most passengers”.

British airlines and airports, which laid off thousands of people during the Covid-19 pandemic, are now struggling to recruit. Heathrow said it started hiring in November and by the end of July it will have the same number of staff as before the pandemic.

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Strike an airport “disaster”

In France, Augustin de Romanet, managing director of the Paris Airports Group (ADP), said the episode of undelivered baggage during a staff strike at Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport this Tuesday, July 1, was “disastrous”. ” for a picture of an airport.

During an interview with French radio RMC, he said more than 20,000 bags were lost following what he called a “very regrettable episode”.

Almost 220,000 pieces of luggage are sorted through 17 baggage sorters every day at France’s main airport, Charles de Gaulle, also known as Roissy. All lost bags should be returned to their owners by Wednesday (13), according to Romanat, thanks to crews working the night “on a voluntary basis”.

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Bags will be returned

According to Clement Buon, the French minister responsible for transport, 35,000 pieces of luggage were lost due to the strike. “Another 10,000 bags have not reached their destination and until Wednesday night we will be able to send the last luggage with a day and night mobilization effort so that everyone can find better travel conditions,” he said during the visit. From Rosy to Airport.

Romanot recalls that there was no need to arrive “too early” to climb. “When passengers arrive early, bags cannot be placed in the sorters. They are kept in what we call stalkers,” he explained.

The devices can handle 5,000 pieces of luggage, he said, “currently we have 50,000 sometimes, which causes traffic jams with bags that create disturbances.”

For an international flight, you must arrive “3 hours before” departure. For a flight within the Schengen area, “two hours is enough,” Romanot said.

Shortages are minimal, the director assured, “Paris airports will not become a disaster this summer”.

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