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Ukrainian president says Russians will try to take Kiev on Saturday (26)

Ukrainian president says Russians will try to take Kiev on Saturday (26)

Kiev is about to be captured by the Russian army (Photo: Daniel LEAL/AFP))

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the invading Russian army was preparing to launch a final offensive to seize the capital, Kiev, during the early hours of Saturday.

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“We cannot lose the capital. I speak to our defenders, men and women on all fronts: Tonight, the enemy will use all his strength to breach our defenses in the most brutal, cruel and inhumane way. They will try to attack.” Zelensky announced in a video posted on the Ukrainian presidential website.

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“Today was a difficult day, but with courage. We fought for our country on all fronts, in the south, east, and north, and in many of our beautiful cities,” he added.

The Ukrainian leader said he spoke during the day with several Western leaders, including Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schultz.

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He concluded: “I explained to them the response that the Ukrainians still expect in the face of this aggression. I accepted more help and support. Great help for our country.”

He stressed, “Our main goal is to end this massacre. The enemy’s losses were very important.”

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