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US and Italy discuss green investment in Ukraine and employment - international

Ukraine – The UK condemns Russia’s aggressive retaliation against the international community

On Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss condemned the Kremlin’s “aggressive and aggressive rhetoric” against Ukraine and NATO, but expressed satisfaction with Moscow’s willingness to take part in the talks.

In a statement issued after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press conference, the British diplomat stressed that “strengthening the Russian military capability, which is illegally attached to its borders with Ukraine and Crimea, is unacceptable.”

“Any Russian incursion will be a serious strategic mistake and will be fought with force,” he said, “especially through sanctions imposed on our allies with the aim of imposing higher prices on Russia’s interests and the economy.”

Citing “NATO’s defensive nature,” the minister said, “The only way out of the current situation is through dialogue.” “I celebrate Russia’s willingness to hold talks in January,” he added.

At a news conference on Thursday, Putin said the United States’ first reaction to Russia’s demand for a mitigation of the Russian – Western crisis in Ukraine was “positive.”

“With this first positive reaction (American), with the announcement that talks will begin in January (in Geneva), I hope we will allow progress to be made,” he said.

After two days of threatening the West with “military and technical measures” if Western demands are not met, the Russian leader reiterated that Russia will not tolerate any Western weapons organization “at (its) doors”.

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