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Ukraine soars with the public's votes and wins Eurovision 2022 |  pop art

Ukraine soars with the public’s votes and wins Eurovision 2022 | pop art

With the song “Stefania” written by Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine won the 2022 Eurivision Festival known as the world’s largest music competition. One of the biggest candidates in this edition, Ukraine achieves its third victory in the history of events.

The grand final of Eurovision was held on Saturday (14) in Turin, Italy, the country that won the last edition. In 2020, there was no competition due to the pandemic. This year, the show featured Italian singer Laura Puccini, singer Mica and presenter Alessandro Cattelan.

The frontrunner, Ukraine, took advantage of the public vote to achieve victory. Until the last minutes, the dispute was balanced between the Ukrainians, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.

Before obtaining the general classification, the Kalush Orchestra took ninth place, almost 100 points behind British singer Sam Ryder. But, with the gains of 439 spectators, he reached 631, shot in first place, confirming his favour, ending the competition with an advantage of nearly 200 points.

The song “Stefania”, a rap blending rhythms from local folklore, was composed before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But the lyrics, presented as a message to the mother, are gaining traction in the current context. With lines like “I will always find my way home, even if all roads are destroyed,” the song appears to address the millions of Ukrainians who have had to flee the country.

In a victory speech, one of the squad members, Oleh Psiuk, reinforced pleas for help to Ukraine and the city of Mariupol, one of the cities most devastated by the Russian invasion.

Ukraine wins Eurovision for the third time – Photo: Yara Nardy / Reuters

Watch the final standings for Eurovision 2022 here:

  1. Ukraine
  2. United kingdom
  3. Spain
  4. Sweden
  5. Serbia
  6. Italia
  7. Moldova
  8. Greece
  9. Portugal
  10. Norway
  11. Holland
  12. Poland
  13. Estonia
  14. Lithuania
  15. Australia
  16. Azerbaijan
  17. Switzerland
  18. Romania
  19. Belgium
  20. Armenia
  21. Finland
  22. Czech Republic
  23. Iceland
  24. France
  25. Germany

Created in 1956, Eurovision participates in practically all the countries of the old continent, as well as some special guest countries – such as Australia or Morocco. The Grand Finale is always broadcast live on television across Europe and has an audience of nearly 200 million people.

Eurovision was famous for revealing big names in world music, such as Spain’s Julio Iglesias, and the Swedish group ABBA in the 1970s, as well as Canadian singer Celine Dion and British actress Olivia Newton-John.