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Ukraine: Russian troops are a cause for concern

“We stand shoulder to shoulder in defending our democracies Ukraine Reform, increase transparency and achieve peace. The US partnership is very important to the Ukrainians, “Zhelensky wrote in a Twitter post.

During the telephone conversation, it was confirmed at the White House that Biden had assured Zhelensky that the United States was committed to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against the Russian occupation. They also spoke about reforms in Ukraine, the fight against corruption and joint action against the corona virus epidemic.

In the Donetsk Basin, the situation worsened recently when four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and two wounded on March 26 as a result of an attack by Moscow-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. The Pentagon has agreed with Kiev that Russia violated the ceasefire last summer.

The head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ruslan Homsak, told a parliamentary session on Tuesday that soldiers belonging to the Destruction Division had been shot in the back by gunmen. The Russians denied this, citing secession. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, citing the Donetsk secession, said Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in an explosion during a tunnel test.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia’s bureaucracy. Citing press reports, the Ukrainian news portal Pravda said that this is why the European Command of the US Armed Forces has ordered the highest level of readiness for its troops.

The Pentagon fears that Russia is preparing to challenge the new US administration and increase its operations in Eastern Europe and the Arctic. Some observers call Moscow a “sword” in general, while others say Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans are “vague”, so the Ukrainian news portal wrote that there is really reason for concern.

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Ukrainian military intelligence has recently revealed that Russia is preparing to expand the conflict to other parts of Ukraine. The reason is to protect Russian-Ukrainian dual citizenship living in Ukraine. Pro-Russian newspapers and Russian embassies are said to be already ready to report on “hostile Ukrainian troops and Russian peacekeeping operations.”
On Thursday, NATO ambassadors also held an extraordinary meeting in Brussels on the growing crisis in the Donetsk Basin, Ukraine Pravda recalled.