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Ukraine: IAEA expresses concern over Zaporizhia nuclear plant |  World

Ukraine: IAEA expresses concern over Zaporizhia nuclear plant | World

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Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine

After Russian soldiers took control of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear plant, Europe’s largest, on Friday, the International Atomic Energy Agency, which oversees nuclear activity, said it was concerned about the site on Sunday.

In a statement, the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that the Ukrainian government had informed that the direction of the nuclear power plant, located in southeastern Ukraine, was on the orders of Russian forces, and that any administrative action at the plant – including actions on technical matters. Operation of the six reactor units – requires prior approval from the Russian commander.

For the IAEA, this development runs counter to one of the seven indispensable pillars of nuclear safety and security identified at the meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors, held on 2 March, to discuss the safety, security and safeguards implications of the IAEA. Atomic. The situation in Ukraine.

More specifically, Russia’s takeover of the station violates the third pillar identified at the meeting, which states that “operational personnel must be able to perform their safety and security functions and be able to make decisions without undue pressure.”

Other information provided by the Ukrainian government to the IAEA is that Russian forces on the ground have shut down some mobile phone networks and the Internet, so that reliable information from the site cannot be obtained through normal communication channels.

– Less than 24 hours after the Ukrainian regulatory authority announced that it was able to maintain communications with Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant, it said today that phone lines, as well as emails and faxes, are no longer working. Cell phone connection was still possible, but with low quality.

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The lack of communication conflicts with another pillar identified at the Vienna Meeting, No. 7, which ensures that the plant “must have reliable communications with the regulator and others”.

I am deeply concerned about these developments that you have reported to me today. Just days after the seven essential elements of nuclear safety and security were presented to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s board, many of them are already at risk. In order to be able to operate the plant safely and securely, management and employees must be able to carry out their vital tasks in stable conditions, without undue external interference or pressure,” said Managing Director Rafael Mariano Grossi.

Despite the communication problems, the regulator was able to provide updated information on the operational state of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, and confirm that radiation levels remain normal. Of the six reactors, Unit 1 is undergoing planned maintenance until mid-2022, Unit 2 is now operating at full capacity, Unit 3 is in cold shutdown status, Unit 4 is operating at nearly full capacity, Unit 5 is cooled to standby state and Unit 6 is in standby mode. Cold shutdown.

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