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Farmacêutica vacina idoso no Reino Unido com imunizante contra a Covid-19

UK raises salaries for health professionals after protests

UK Pharmacist Vaccine with Covit-19 against Immunizations
Photo: Reuters

The Department of Health has announced that public health workers in the UK will receive a 3% pay rise in recognition of their “contribution to the epidemic”.

The pay rise will be dated April 2021 for staff, including nurses, paramedics, consultants, dentists and salaried general practitioners. However, on Tuesday (20), a petition with more than 800,000 signatures was submitted to Downing Street, demanding a 15% pay rise for all employees of the British National Health Service, the single system (SUS), in Brazil.

With the initial offer of a 1% pay rise in March this year, NHS officials, unions and the general public argued that the plan was an unreasonable reflection of the contribution of health professionals during epidemics.

According to a report by the Department of Health and Health on Wednesday, the government has accepted the recommendations of the Independent NHS Pay Review Review (NHSPRP) and the Doctor and Dentistry Review Board (DDRP) and the “pay rise in recognizing the unique impact of NHS epidemics.”

For the average nurse, this would be an additional £ 1,000 (US $ 1,371) – about 7,000 rice a year, many porters and guards would receive $ 540 (about 3,800 rice) more, he said.

“NHS employees are receiving pay rises this year, and despite the wide pay gap in the public sector, their extraordinary efforts are being recognized. We have asked the independent pay review bodies for their recommendations, and we are pleased that all employees, from doctors and nurses to paramedics and porters, fully accept them with a 3% pay rise. And Maintenance Social Secretary Sajid Javed said.

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