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UK police destroy BMW M3 built from stolen areas

UK police destroy BMW M3 built from stolen areas

England seizes and destroys a green BMW M3 in Birmingham, northwest England.

The car was confiscated in November due to problems identifying license plates, according to West Midlands officials. The license plate, according to police, belonged to the Series 3 with a 2.0 diesel engine, not the M3, but a high-performance car.


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Shortly afterwards, the model was inspected by a “team of experts on stolen vehicles.” What came to the conclusion was that it was not the error on the plate, but what the English call a Cut and close: Hodgepodge of wrecked cars, its good parts are put together and made into a single vehicle. In other words, a vehicle solution.

According to police, components of at least four M3s – including two stolen, one in 2018 and one in 2019 – were found during the investigation.

“This BMW was beautiful on the outside, you can’t say bad things about the paint work, but look under the varnish, it’s completely unsafe,” said Mark Weaver, a police officer with the Central Highway Police team. “The creator of this car went a considerable distance to hide their true identity.”

However, there is no evidence that the car owner was involved in M3 theft or construction.

Unnecessary destruction

Everything says that this practice is illegal. The local dealership, known as Unit 17, which is responsible for selling the car, says the judge asked West Midlands Police to return the car to the owner, but did not respond.

“The judge who heard the case ordered the vehicle to be returned to the owner, but unfortunately the car was already smashed,” a company spokesman said. On your Instagram account.

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Apparently, according to the informant, the case ended with the police being ordered to pay compensation to the owner of the case. Value not expressed.

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