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UK Muslims should unite in their mosques during Ramadan - Hussein Halwa - Middle East Observer

UK Muslims should unite in their mosques during Ramadan – Hussein Halwa – Middle East Observer

Sheikh Hussein Halwa, Secretary-General of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), has urged Muslims in the UK to stick to their main central mosques, even if it is different, when it comes to the start of the blessed month of Ramadan. Official report published by ECFR.

In early February, the Fatwa Council of Europe declared the first day of Ramadan on Saturday, April 2, 2022 to be 1443 AH. However, Sheikh Halwa said that the personal decisions of the central mosques take precedence and ensure the principles of unity and reconciliation among Muslims.

His comments came during the first interactive live broadcast organized Al-Arab in England (AUK), Which aired on its various social media sites in late Thursday, March 31st, was attended by nearly a hundred Arabs and Muslims.

However, Sheikh Hussein halwa urged UK mosques to follow the ECFR report because it was based on scientific research and agreed at a major Saudi-led Islamic conference in Istanbul with representatives from 80 different countries.

“The decision to start the month of Ramadan is not subject to political accounting, it is a legitimate and scientific decision that should not be overlooked,” Halwa said. “Just as we rely on our clocks throughout the year to set prayer times, we also rely on scientific astronomical calculations – not astrology to set the start of Ramadan.”

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Theologian expressed confusion over the compulsion of some to postpone the announcement of specific fasting and Eid dates according to science and technology, even though we live in a modern world that relies on exact dates for travel, work, holidays, and so on. The authorities should organize our affairs accordingly.

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The Q&A session with Sheikh Hussein Halwa was the first live event he organized AUK On their social media, managed by their editor-in-chief, Adnan Hmidan, he saw this as a great opportunity to reach out to the Arab community in the UK and serve them more effectively.

“The first live show AUK Since its official launch in early 2022, it coincides with the reception of a very important annual guest: the blessed month of Ramadan, ”said Hmitan.

He also expressed the pride of the stage in welcoming such an important person as Sheikh Halwa as its first live guest, “We hope this will be a promising and effective start to this site and its message.”

Stage Al-Arab The UK has prepared a special schedule for the holy month of Ramadan 2022 in the hope of serving the UK’s Arab community most effectively.

The recording of the live broadcast with Sheikh Hussein Halwa can also be seen on the official pages. AUK On Twitter and Facebook.

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