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UK Labor conference focused on 'immoral' tax cuts

UK Labor conference focused on ‘immoral’ tax cuts

oh The new government, led by new Prime Minister Liz Truss, began meeting two days later, with the richest taxpayers paying just 40%, while the lowest tier will drop from 20% to 19%.

Labor has highlighted the tax cuts as a key issue for Britons struggling with the worst cost of living rises in decades.

Labor leader Keir Starmer told supporters that the Conservative Party had “shown its true colours” by offering tax breaks to high earners.

“They make the rich richer and they do nothing for the workers,” he said upon arriving at the conference.

Andy Burnham, the ‘Mayor’ (mayor) of Manchester, one of England’s largest cities, called the Conservative policy “unethical”.

Labor suffered a heavy defeat at the last general election, in 2019, under previous leader Jeremy Corbyn, and at this conference it aims to re-establish itself as a credible alternative to government.

At the start of the conference, Labor observed a minute’s silence in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and sang the national anthem — the first time it has been sung at a party conference that has many members who support the abolition of the monarchy.

Starmer said there was now “confidence in a Labor government” among an electorate that saw rising energy bills help push inflation to 9.9%, while workers were getting only modest pay rises.

He promised to roll back income tax cuts for wealthy Britons and create a windfall tax for energy producers.

The Labor leader also said his government would invest in green energy to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels.

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Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner, who led keynote speakers on the first day of the conference, accused the government of “lining the pockets of oil and gas executives and bankers while families starve”.

The Truss government has ruled out a windfall tax and wants to subsidize the energy bills of consumers and businesses.

The subsidies are expected to cost taxpayers £150 billion (€170 billion).

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