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UK judge Mariana begins to rule on grief;  Values ​​R $ 31 Billion - Radio Itasia

UK judge Mariana begins to rule on grief; Values ​​R $ 31 Billion – Radio Itasia

Photo: Lucas Ragazzi / Itatiaia

Radio Itatiaia follows the struggle for the recovery of the victims

In London, November 2015, in Mariana, in the central part of Minas, Itatia was monitoring the settlement of the claims of more than 200,000 riverine people, quilompoles, municipalities and businesses affected by the Fandao Dam disaster. The trial is set to begin on Monday in the United Kingdom.

Correspondent Lucas Ragassi, who traveled at the invitation of the Office of Victims ‘Representation, will follow up on the outcome of the investigation, which begins with the victims’ appeal against one of the sponsors, the Anglo-Australian mining company BHP Billindon. Samarkov’s executives.

The lawsuit seeks 5 billion (approximately R $ 31.5 billion) in damages. BHP was headquartered in the UK because Vail was one of the shareholders controlled by the mining company Samarco.

Samarko operated the Fundo Dam, which collapsed, killing 19 people and spreading ore tails to the sea in the Espirido Santo via the Rio Dos Basin.

The victims and their attorneys, belonging to the PGMBM office, did not bring the Brazilian judge opportunities for compensation or fair compensation, so they summoned the London court.

BHP argues that this process is likely to be replicated, as there are individual and collective actions in Brazil. It also alleges that the mining company also funds the Renova Foundation, which is maintained by the mining companies to carry out disaster repair operations.

An investigation is underway to determine the jurisdiction of the case. In other words, whether to stay in English court or return to Brazil.

No sentence

Six years after the split, no one has been convicted of 19 deaths; By the destruction of the districts of Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo; In addition to the pollution caused by the mud of Samarko in the Rio Dose Basin, it also affected dozens of municipalities in Minas Gerais and Esprito Santo.

Planned resettlement has not been completed. The first deadline for granting settlements is March 2019.

Pollution of soil, water and animals continues after six years.

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