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Suella Braverman

UK Home Secretary Resigns

Suella Braverman has been replaced by former Transport Secretary Grand Shops

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned this Wednesday (19.Oct.2022) after 1 month in office. He left the ministry after sending an official government document to a fellow parliamentarian through his personal email. It is considered a “Grievous Violation of Ministerial Rules”.

British Government declared Former Transport Secretary Grand Shops as new minister.

Braverman posted a letter to Prime Minister Liz Truss on her profile Twitter. “As soon as I realized my mistake, I quickly reported it to the cabinet through official channels. As Home Minister, I hold myself to the highest standards and my resignation is the right thing to do. Said.

The document shared by the former minister is a draft ministerial declaration on migration. “With Immediate Release”. Some British MPs were already aware of the contents of the letter. Braverman said “It’s not serious politics to pretend we haven’t made a mistake, act as if no one can see we’ve done it, and hope things work out.”.

And, he saysrelated toWith the guidelines of the present administration. According to him, the government is broken “Important promises” was assured to the electorate.

Pravarman thanked “Officers, Special Advisers and Ministerial Staff”.

Prime Minister Liz Truss, Accepted Suella Braverman’s resignation request this Wednesday (Oct. 19). Expressing that he respects this decision, he also said that it is important to respect the confidentiality of the cabinet and the secrecy of the cabinet.

“Thank you for your service as Home Minister. His tenure was marked by his steadfast commitment to keeping the British people safe.,” Truss said.

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Grand Shops has already been sworn in as the new Home Minister State Transport Secretary and Minister of State for International Development. He was once Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party.