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UK changes Christmas and New Year holidays ⋆ RADIO ALTO AVE

UK changes Christmas and New Year holidays ⋆ RADIO ALTO AVE

The UK is moving its Christmas and New Year holidays to December 27 and January 2 respectively! Confused? We explain.

This year, Christmas Day – December 25 – and New Year’s Day – January 1 – fall on a Sunday. This means that even though both are holidays, it is still a “normal” weekend for a significant portion of the population. This also means two days off/two holidays less on business days in final accounts.

Because of all this, the British government decided to change the holidays to the following working days (as is already happening on some public holidays in France, for example).

This means that Brits have a four-day Christmas weekend and a three-day New Year’s Eve. as? The day after Christmas – December 26 – is already traditionally a holiday in the country, popularly known Boxing day. In this case, a new decision by the British government means that the “mobile” Christmas holiday will move to the 27th, when it moves to the next possible working day! Long weekend from 24th to 27th December.

January 1, 2023 also falls on a Sunday, so the holiday automatically shifts to January 2 (Monday).

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