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UK 'carpet wrapped body' complaint prince toy - bizarre

UK ‘carpet wrapped body’ complaint prince toy – bizarre

The bizarre and bizarre case took place on Cambridgeshire County Road and the alleged corpse is a fairy tale character from a children’s party.

Police officers from the British province of Cambridgeshire arrived at the scene of the crime and found the prince’s toy (Photo: Facebook / CambsCops / Reproduction)

The Cambridgeshire County Police in the UK received an unusual call in mid-January. A British tabloid reports that a resident was alarmed to find a pair of legs sticking out of the window of a vehicle traveling on a highway. Daily Express.

But when police chased and stopped the suspect’s car, they did not find the body, but a toy dressed as “Prince Charm”.

According to the tabloid, the alleged witness called Cambridgeshire police and said he saw the body wrapped in a carpet inside the vehicle.

When police stopped the car on the Angel Drove (M11) highway just outside the city of Eli, they went to investigate the suspect and soon found Manequin’s feet on his way to a themed birthday party.

Through a publication on Facebook, The Cambridgeshire Police Department Commented on the bizarre case.

“When we received a lunch call that a vehicle was traveling via M11 with a pair of legs stuck in the rolled carpet, the informant and our control room became concerned,” the department said. Daily Express. .

The post states that Angel Drove can track the vehicle on the highway Rat, The authorities found that there was actually a couple of feet. “A maniac dressed as ‘Prince Charming’ was on his way to a themed birthday party,” police said on Facebook.

According to the Daily, the driving police urged motorists to be careful when carrying these types of items “to prevent such situations from happening again”.

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