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MOONSPELL: A mais recente digressão europeia em vídeos ao vivo [tour recap]

UK and Ireland tour canceled • Noise!


After signing A A very successful European tour And Two memorable performances at the Coliseum From Lisbon and Porto, The Moonspell Now they’ve faced another setback, including the cancellation of a previously announced tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland. 🇧🇷We made a deal with the promoters and our agency and decided to cancel A fullmoon over the UK and Ireland tour”, read a statement released by the band on their social networks. 🇧🇷We are heartbroken to bring you such sad news, but we had no choice. The reasons behind this decision are, as you can imagine, the huge financial crisis facing the UK, Ireland and Europe, which is affecting entertainment sales. We hope to see you again under better circumstances and will work hard to bring you a show worth your money and time in 2023.“In a footnote, the group informs that the announced events for Greece, Israel and Dubai will take place and will not be affected by this cancellation.” Check out the full post below.

It was officially confirmed last August 27th that one of the most extensive tours of the national band in those parts, has now been called off. In addition to a date from December 2 in Dublin, Ireland Fullmoon across the UKCommon “and a tour of Ireland” As a footnote, it will take place between the end of November and mid-December, with a series of concerts covering thirteen dates as the musicians tour the Scottish, Irish and British territories. To accompany the group, the ESOTERICA band from London that straddles progressive and alternative, with four albums under their belt.

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Latest release MoonspellIt is called “From Below – 80 Meters Live”🇧🇷 A Blu-ray and DVD version is now available via Napalm Records, this version of the band’s most recent studio album, the critically acclaimed “renunciation”, from 2021, in its live form. Perfectly captured in the famous Crutas de Mira de Aire, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. “From Below – 80 Meters Live” 🇧🇷invites you to an unforgettable adventure worthy of a Guinness World Record“, according to a press release. Also retained from the ad text is the promise of a record “It has a unique sound and visual feel, a high degree of cinematic flavor, an unreal atmosphere and a freezing and reverberating nature in its raw form.“What we have here is not just an epic moment or a live broadcast of one of the deepest, heaviest, most heartfelt records the band has ever written. an experience”Truly revolutionary, MOONSPELL brought with it a certain number of fans (literally) and an underground production team.🇧🇷 “From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep” directed by Guilherme Henriques is truly something you’ve never seen or heard before.🇧🇷is safe.