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UFMS Science Park is open for guided tour reservations – UFMS

UFMS Science Park is open for guided tour reservations – UFMS

The UFMS Science Complex has reopened the schedule for visits in the University City. Guided tours begin in April and are open to students, administrative technicians, teachers, and the outside community, and require a group of at least 10 people. Children and teens can participate, as long as they are accompanied by a guardian.

The groups will be guided by observers throughout the show. The visits take place in two stages, the first stage being a reception and a presentation of the garden. In the Science Park, 10 interactive effects are available for use by the general public: Boucher's chair, curved mirrors, Newton's pendulum, resonant balance, sound delay tube, interactive mosaic, Archimedes, cart on tracks, parabolic sound mirrors, geodesy, interactive periodic table and Galton's table.

In the second stage of the visit, participants are guided to places open to the external public in the university city, such as chemistry laboratories, the anatomy museum, the art gallery, and others. The entire activity is expected to last up to 3 hours. The purpose of the visit is to enable the groups to learn about the concepts of physics and chemistry and their applications in daily life.

to Director of Science Mainstreaming in the Dean of Counseling, Culture and Sports, Leah Brambilla, said that this outreach to the public is important to show the community what the university produces and that it is possible to join it. “It is important for people to understand that the university is not in another field, and that everything you do goes back to society. We also want to encourage students' desire to study at UFMS, because we have a high-quality public university.

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Appointments must be made 10 days prior to the requested date via page. Throughout the visit, groups must respond to requests from observers. If cancellation is necessary, it must be made 4 days before the scheduled date.

The maximum number of people allowed per group is 50 and it will be the responsibility of the leaders to take care of transportation and food for the members. In groups of students, there is a need for someone in charge of the school, preferably a teacher. Those interested are advised to use sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes.

Text: Rebecca Ferro, CSCS scholarship recipient