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UFC: Stakeholders apply a standing arm triangle and present Amanda Lemos in the first round |  Fight

UFC: Stakeholders apply a standing arm triangle and present Amanda Lemos in the first round | Fight

On Saturday, in Las Vegas, Jessica Bate-Estaca showed why she was already the UFC strawweight champion (up to 52kg) and why she still dreams of reclaiming the belt that now belongs to Rose Namajunas. Facing her compatriot Amanda Lemos and returning to the division after three fights in the flyweight (up to 56kg) – where she even opposed the title -, the Parana fighter presented the opponent from Bara standing up with an armbar, in 3:13 of the fight, still in the first round . Return the method to the class.

Jessica Batty Estaka defeated Amanda Lemos by serving at 3:13 in the first round – Photo: Jeff Buttari/Zova LLC

– That’s what I’ve trained a lot and he said to me: “Join the fight and do it, don’t give up, your arm is very strong and if you catch it, it will hit you. It was all thanks to my master (Parana) and my PRVT team. Very happy (…). This He is my section, I am the champion of this division. I just relaxed in another section. Dana (White), gives me the opportunity to fight for the belt again! The belt again (…) When I grabbed it I knew I couldn’t let go anymore and I kept pressing, that’s when I started to hear it make a noise and I imagined this was where it would end, and I pressed more. If I had the strength there, the technique wouldn’t work – said Jessica, still in the octagon.

In the first minute of the fight, Jessica started looking for low kicks, but Amanda responded in the same way. Then Amanda started shooting a jab and combined it with a kick to the former champ’s base. Amanda tried to release the group and dealt severe blows to Jessica. In the sequence, Jessica blocked a kick from Amanda and climbed up, and at the time of the hits crossing, she made use of proper timing to get under a hook and lock her left arm around Amanda’s neck, where she was already pinning the net in the same position as the lock closed. Standing, she closed the lock more tightly around her neck and forced Amanda to hit him hard.

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Jessica Butt-Estaca defeated Amanda Lemos by submitting at 3:13 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zuffa LLC

Jessica Butt-Estaca defeated Amanda Lemos by submitting at 3:13 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zuffa LLC

Puelles Guida serves with kneebar

Claudio Boyles defeated Clay Guida by submitting at 3:01 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zuffa LLC

If you’re going to fight Claudio Pulis, it’s best to keep your knee away from him. The Peruvian made his third victim in the UFC by hitting his knee, this time the victim of veteran surrender Clay Guida, who ended up succumbing to the Puelles at 3:01 of the first round, in a fit light fight (up to 70kg). The Peruvian has racked up five straight wins in this category, having only lost in his first appearance in the Ultimate. Puelles now has 12 wins and two losses on the record.

Clay Gueda kicked off the signature move and circled Wells until the boat attempted to apply the takedown. The Peruvian was placed seated by the railing and then had his back on the ground, but quickly tried to climb up and grab Guida’s left arm, in a kind of kimura. Claudio Beulez then made the move to the arm bar and tried to bend the American’s arm. Guida slipped away, but fell to the knee, and this time it wasn’t good for the veteran.

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Maisie Barber defeats De La Rosa

Maycee Barber beat Montana de la Rosa by unanimous decision (30-27 triple) – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

No. 14 in the flyweight classification (up to 56kg), Maycee Barber once again claimed two consecutive class victories, this time with a dominant victory over Montana de la Rosa on Saturday, by unanimous decision (30-27 triple). Barber, who was knocking out a win over Miranda Maverick, now has ten wins and two losses in his career, at the age of 23.

The text of the Team Alpha Male fighter’s victory was only one: dominance in wrestling, always correlating the best hits with pressure from start to finish. The fight practically didn’t happen spectacularly, as both were looking to wrestle, but Barber was always more efficient at controlling and tying his punches whenever he found space.

Jordan presents and challenges Edson Barbosa

Charles Jordan defeated Lando Vannata by submitting at 2:32 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Now with eight fights in the UFC, Canadian Charles Jordan arrived on Saturday for the first time in his career to claim two consecutive wins in the organization. For this, American Lando Vannata presented with a guillotine choke in 2:32 of the first round, in a fight for featherweight (up to 66 kg). Focusing on a place in the standings, Charles Jourdain challenged Brazil’s Edson Barboza, currently number 12 in the division, to the over the cage interview.

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Early in the fight, Vannata was able to apply a takedown and had an advantage, but when the fight got back on his feet, Jourdain landed a frontal blow on the straight left that brought the American to the ground. The Canadian then took the opportunity to imitate his compatriot Marc-Andre Parreault, who had won immediately before, by wrapping his opponent’s neck and pulling the guillotine. Vanata was still trying to move, but Jordan closed his hand and forced Vanata to knock.

Barriault applies the guillotine to win

Marc-Andre Barriott defeated Jordan Wright by submitting at 2:36 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zuffa LLC

It took Canadian Marc-André Barriault less than three months to erase a file Defeat the Lightning in the last battle, against Chidi Ngokwane. This Saturday, in an 86.2kg duel with American Jordan Wright, Marc-Andre Parreault used a guillotine choke to win by submitting at 2:36 of the first round. The Canadian now has 14 wins and five losses, plus “no contest”.

Jordan Wright, who at the beginning of the fight showed respect for standing up for the Canadian, went on one leg to get the takedown, but Barriault immediately cut the neck of the American. Despite this, Wright held the position and put it down, but fell to the front with Barreault controlling the neck, even reversing the situation and adjusting the guillotine until he forced the opponent to surrender.

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