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UFC Portal – Federal University of Ceara

UFC Portal – Federal University of Ceara

Registration will be open from October 2nd to November 3rd for students to choose from Master’s and doctoral classes 2024.1 From the graduate program in computer science (MDCC) from the Federal University of Ceara.

To obtain a master’s degree Notice No. 01/2023Available 22 vacanciesdistributed among the following thematic areas: Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization (3), Databases (8), Computer Graphics (1), Software Engineering (5), Logic and Artificial Intelligence (1) and Computer Networks (4).

Already according to Notice No. 02/2023In the case of a doctorate, the program is offered 13 vacanciesThis is according to the distribution among the following fields: algorithms, graphs and optimization (2), databases (4), computer graphics (1), software engineering (3), logic and artificial intelligence (1), computer networks (2).

The selection process for both semesters will consist of three stages: analysis of academic records using criteria associated with the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination in Computing (POSCOMP), which is both categorical and exclusionary in nature; Oral argument of a categorical and exclusionary nature; And evaluating curricula of a taxonomic nature.

Registration must be done Through the Integrated Academic Activities Management System (SIGAA)in the “Selections – narrow sense” tab.

The MDCC advises candidates that, in addition to registration via SIGAA, it is necessary to submit documents in the Special Program System, in accordance with Clause 2 of the Notices.

More information about selection processes is available On the MDCC website.

source: Computer Science Graduate Program Coordination – Tel: (85) 3366 9847 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.