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UFC: Léo Santos nearly knocks, Clay Guida survives and subdues the Brazilian in the second round | Fight

Léo Santos could have knocked out Clay Guida in the first round in a performance that could put him in the spotlight Saturday night at the UFC. could. But the referee didn’t stop the duel, the American survived, but rather improved at the end of the first round, and with only 1m21 of the second round he reached the Brazilian’s back to hit a bare rear throttle and win the lightweight fight. (up to 70 kg).

Leo Santos, who came to fix seven wins and a draw between 2013 and 2020, and remained undefeated in that period, now has two straight losses. At the age of 41, the Nova União fighter had already lost to Grant Dawson, and is now suffering a setback to Clay Guida. The 39-year-old American, who now has 37 wins and 21 losses, is recovering from a loss to Mark O. Madsen in the previous game.

Clay Guida defeated Leonardo Santos via submission at 1m21 of R2 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

In the first round, he kept Léo Santos Guida at bay using his wingspan and kicks, even making one of those around the waist feel the Americans. Leo went up and grabbed Guida by the legs, but the Brazilian made his way nonstop. Then Liu tied his entire knee and sent Guida, but the referee did not stop. Leo Santos frantically won, collecting knees in a Thai decider, but Guida survived. There were 46 hits tied to the Brazilian in just over two minutes.

Clay Guida defeated Leonardo Santos via submission at 1m21 of R2 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

Referee Keith Peterson stopped the fight to grab Guida’s mouthguard, who was able to breathe and return to the fight with a good left hand. Leo turned around the cage, trying to breathe better, tired of being beaten. Guida then tried to pick up both of his legs, even dressing up Léo, who immediately rose up. Guida climbed up again, grabbed his legs and hung Liu on the ground. The tour ended well inside the guard maintained by the Brazilian.

Clay Guida returned to show the strange movement, even tying the Brazilian player and in the second attempt he put Leo Santos to the ground. The Brazilian, who still looked tired from the hits in the first round, was no longer showing resistance. Guida released his knees to his knees to the side until he moved back and tied the neck of the Brazilian, who had no choice but to beat the fine.

Clay Guida defeated Leonardo Santos via submission at 1m21 of R2 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

Chris Curtis knocks Allen after a cross

At 34 years old and now 36 fights in MMA, Chris Curtis fought only his second fight in the UFC this Saturday, where he remains undefeated. The American fighter, who had already knocked out Phil Howes in his Ultimate debut, this time took out Brendan Allen in a middleweight (under 84kg) duel. With a right cross, Curtis swung Allen, then came up with several hits and knees that made Allen fall for good, winning a TKO at 1m58 of the second round. It’s Chris Curtis’ seventh win in a row.

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Chris Curtis defeated Brendan Allen via TKO at 1’58 from R2 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

In a very balanced first round, Curtis was more powerful in his punches and took more damage, even though Brendan Allen had more volume in his punches. In the next round, Allen opened the combination of knockout, direct and body kick, as well as a low kick that upset his opponent. In response, Curtis aimed at the waistline with his fists, while Allen responded with punches over the head. That’s when Curtis landed with straight hits, plus another hook at the waist. Then, when Allen swung the right cross, Curtis felt the victory close and at full speed until a knockout hit was reached.

Alex Morono wins and moves his father

Alex Morono defeated Mickey Gale by unanimous decision (triple 30-27) – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zuffa LLC

Alex Morono completely finished the 2021 season in the UFC. Welterweight (under 77kg) on ​​Saturday adjusted his third win in three matches this year, this time by defeating fellow American Mickey Gal by unanimous decision (three times 30-27). In May, Morono had already beaten Donald Cerrone, and in September, he beat David Zawada. Now, he has 21 wins, seven losses and a “no contest” for the cartel.

In the post-fight interview, Morono dedicated the victory to his father, who was thrilled to watch the fight sitting cage-side at Apex.

– Dad, this is for you. I love you – Morono said, after explaining that his dad encouraged him to watch the UFC when he was younger, as well as saying that one day he could be there. The fighter’s father was clearly affected, and he was caught by the television broadcast.

Serbian Todorovic defeats Bitolo

Dusko Todorovic defeated Maki Pitolo by TKO in the 4m34 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

Faced with a middleweight (under 84 kg) that closed the initial card, Serbian Dusko Todorovic defeated Maki Petulu by TKO in 4m34 of the first round. At the age of 27 and signing via the Contender Series in 2019, Todorovic came to defeat Dequan Townsend in his UFC debut, but in the last two matches he was defeated by Punahele Soriano and Brazilian Gregory Robocop. With this return to winning ways, he now has a record with 11 wins and 2 losses.

At the start of the round, Pitolo tied a straight right and then followed up with a low kick that made Todorovic spin. Then the Serb went with everything on Bitolo’s legs, even defending, but he pulled the guard and tried to get out with a guillotine. Petulu lost his grip and Todorovic was up front and inside the goalkeeper. Since then, the Serb moved his guard to the left and grabbed Bitolo’s right arm, hitting the American with many punches in the head. Once on the mountain, Todorovich Petulo was forced to turn on all fours. Todorovic fired a barrage of blows to the head, Petulu bent down and hit until referee Mark Smith ended the fight.

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Manel Kappi knocks Zumagolov

Manel Kaby defeated Zhalgas Zhumagulov by TKO at 4m02 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

Angolan Manel Kappi straightened out his second Ultimate Fighting Championship win in a dazzling performance in Las Vegas on Saturday. Kazakh Zhalgas defeated Zhumagulov in 4m02 of the first round, in a flyweight duel (under 56 kg). Kape landed first on a straight right that sent Zhumagulov into a seated position. The Kazakh rose back, but found himself with no way out of the fence, receiving a series of blows to the body and head until he fell again, interrupting the sentence.

Manel Kappi reached the UFC this year credited for the bantamweight title (under 61kg) at the RIZIN Asian event, but when he came down to flyweight (under 56kg) in the new organization, he surrendered to two Brazilians in his first two fights against the Brazilians. Alexander Pantoga and Matthew Nikolaou, the first unanimously and the second by split decision. After these two fights within 35 days, the Angolan returned almost five months later, when he ousted Oddy Osborne. And now 2021 ends with two wins and two losses in his first year in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

– Every time I have a good plan. Whatever I say I will do, I do. I will be a champion next year. I’m one of the best weightlifters in the world, you could say no, but I know I’m (…). I won the last battle with Nicolau, I’m sure of that, I don’t know how they got to the others. But I will not provoke anyone, they have to provoke me. I’m a UFC star. Anyone who wants to fight can come! – Angolan fired.

Brian Barberina beats the rookie

Brian Barberina defeated Darrian Weeks by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28) – Photo: Jeff Butare/Zova LLC

Heavyweight (under 77 kg) Brian “BamBam” Barberina is back in the winning column after defeating the organization’s freshman in Saturday’s tag. In a well-balanced duel, he defeated Darrian Weeks by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28). Since 2014 in the organization, Barberena now holds a record with 16 wins and eight losses.

In the first round, weeks more punches landed and landed, but the hardest punches were Barberina’s low kicks. In the next round, Weeks landed twice and inflicted more punches on his veteran opponent, who passed him empty with plenty of crosses. In the final round, Barberina eventually grew up and closed in front after a partial flip.

Modify Puelles IV Victory

Claudio Bellis beat Chris Grotzemacher by submitting in the 3m25 of the R3 – Photo: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Peruvian Claudio Puulez claimed his fourth consecutive UFC title at Lightweight (under 70kg). On Saturday night, he dominated American Chris Grotzemacher and won via surrender by applying a straight knee lockup at 3m 25 of the third round. Puelles, who made his UFC debut with a loss to Martín Bravo, later defeated Brazilians Felipe Silva and Marcos Dalcim, as well as Jordan Levitt in the sequence. The Peruvian cartel had 11 wins and two losses.

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The first round was all by Puelles. He managed a harsh left-handed kick at the waist, adjusting another later, and quickly landed. On the ground, Puelles remained in control until the end of the round. In the next segment, Puelles was unsuccessful in takedowns, but nevertheless, from below, he was able to outsmart them, as well as gain an advantage when he also got a stand. And in the third round, when Gruetzemacher was drawing a reaction, Puelles moved to take the straight knee lock and force the American to surrender.

Vince Morales knocks in two minutes

Vince Morales defeated Luis Smolka by KO at 2m02 of R1 – Photo: Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC

The night in Las Vegas started in style. Faced with bantamweight (less than 61 kg), Vince Morales needed only 2 square meters to knock out Luis Smolka. He was already starting to take advantage of standing up, his opponent even clinched the Muay Thai and applied some knees, but Morales found space to apply a cross pass from a short distance to the face causing Smolka to fall head over heels in the octagon. Morales still threw a few hits over the top, but the referee immediately stopped the fight.

With the win in his sixth fight in the UFC, Vince Morales now has three wins and three losses in the organization, having now adjusted for two back-to-back victories after defeating Draco Rodriguez. The 31-year-old American Cartel has 10 wins and 5 losses.

Check out all the results of the battles in the event:

primary card:
Jose Aldo defeated Rob Font by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45 and 49-46)
Rafael Viziev defeated Brad Riddell by KO in 2:20 at R3
Jamal Hill defeated Jimmy Crut by KO in 48 seconds of R1
Clay beat Leonardo Santos well by submitting in the 1st and 21st minutes of the second round
Chris Curtis defeated Brendan Allen by TKO at 1m58 by R2
Alex Morono defeated Mickey Gale by unanimous decision (Triple 30-27)
Card introductory program:
Dusko Todorovic defeated Maki Petulu by TKO at 4m34 by R1
Manel Kaby defeated Zhalgas Zhumagulov by TKO at 4m02 by R1
Brian Barberina defeated Darian Weeks by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28)
Cheyanne Vlismas defeats Mallory Martin by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
William Knight defeated Alonzo Minfield by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28)
Claudio Pulis defeated Chris Gruetzemacher by surrendering at 3m25 of R3
Vince Morales defeated Luis Smolka by knockout at 2m02 of R1