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Uerj Gallery brings environmental diversity, science and arts to MetrôRio

Uerj Gallery brings environmental diversity, science and arts to MetrôRio

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In the month when the world celebrates World Environment Day, MetrôRio Gallery will be the stage for an exhibition of environmental images produced by the Center for Environmental and Scientific Imaging (BioCenas) and the Laboratory of Aquatic Mammals and Biomarkers (Maqua), both from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UIRG). Sponsored by the Coordinator and Art Historian of the Graduate Program in Art History at ORG, Vera Beatriz Siqueirawill be on display at Access B (Avenida Chicago) of the subway system through June 30.

The images highlight environmental diversity as an aesthetic value of the Brazilian environment and promote the exciting encounter between science and art. The images are the result of scientific processes to record incursions made in field research, and are essential for the training of students and researchers associated with the graduate programs in Oceanography and Ecology and Evolution, both at UoR.

The exhibition consists of 15 photographs with dimensions of 1.50 x 1.50 meters divided into three cubic structures that make up the Itenrante Gallery, the cultural equipment of the Oerge Cultural Administration. One cube is allocated to five of the six Brazilian biomes: Amazonia, Caatinga, Cerrado, Pampa, and Pantanal. Another cube is dedicated exclusively to the dominant biome of the Rio de Janeiro territory – the Atlantic Forest and its five ecosystems, and finally, the third cube is dedicated to the aquatic mammals of Guanabara Bay and the city’s coast. This collection of images, through art, brings science out of university laboratories and presents it to the public to advocate environmental awareness.

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The exhibition is implemented by the Vice President of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies and Research at the University of Urge and is part of a series of initiatives to disseminate science and knowledge produced in academic research in graduate programs at the University of Urge and is promoted through the Postgraduate University Guidance Program (Proext- PG |).

  • service
  • Free exhibition “Ecological Diversity: Science and Art”
  • local: Carioca/Centro do Mitrio station, at Entrance B (Avenida Chile).
  • date: From 17 to 30 June
  • to treat: Vera Beatriz Siqueira – PPGHA Uerj
  • Photo set: Biocenas and Maca


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