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Uber has announced its operations in the pickup and charter bus segment in Brazil and is already serving

Uber has announced its operations in the pickup and charter bus segment in Brazil and is already serving

Toyota bus. Photo: Uber / Text: Adamo Bazani

The Uber Shuttle is for businesses and Toyota has already hired to transport employees between São Paulo and Sorocaba. Among the chartered companies is the Gatti Turismo, which was created in 1965.

Adamo Base

Uber arrived on the bus in Brazil. And the “Uber bus” this time from the real Uber.

This week, the company announced the launch of the Uber Shuttle method.

According to the company’s statement, Toyota has already contracted to move employees between Sao Paulo and Sorocaba.

“With the new service, companies can now manage bus trips to transport employees directly through the Uber app. This way, employees will be able to reserve a place on the bus in the app, as well as check available routes and stops for getting on and off in real time. For companies, offering The service also reports weekly on the companies’ shuttle operations.” – Explains an Uber press release.

In other words, Uber Shuttle does not operate “above” the regular bus routes, but is in fact specific to the rental.

With this method, workers book a place at the Uber Shuttle for Companies directly through the Uber app.

Services are provided by charter companies.

In the case of Toyota, for example, among the leased companies is Gatti Turismo, which was created in 1965.

Uber promises that corporate shuttle rides will have a series of security features provided by the platform.

On a note, Uber for Companies Latin America Director Tavane Gurdos said the arrival of the Uber Shuttle for Companies in Brazil is a sign of the growing trend in the number of companies focusing on offering more benefits to employees.

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“We have noticed that companies are increasingly looking to offer benefits that matter to their employees and that make business sense. Uber Shuttle for Companies arrives at this moment and combines the ease of use of the Uber app, already known to everyone, with a new product offering that encourages corporate displacement,” explains.

Along the same lines, Toyota do Brasil’s director of human resources and administration, Celso Simomura, employees’ demands for more safety in resuming activities vis-à-vis the automaker made the choice.

“When we resumed our activities in a mixed fashion, after nearly a year and a half with our administrative staff working remotely, it was essential that we ensure them safe and efficient transportation so that they feel comfortable when they return to the office. For this reason, we have chosen a partner of reference in the field of mobility who has since contributed We aim to provide the best possible experience for our employees.”

Adamo Bazani, journalist specializing in transportation

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