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U.S. to amend Trump's water use rule  Environmental Agency - Money Times

U.S. to amend Trump’s water use rule Environmental Agency – Money Times

“As a nation we have tough water challenges to face as an EPA administrator.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday said it was reviewing a rule set by the former president’s government. Donald Trump It controls state powers over federal water, allowing a process to block water projects Infrastructure Energy amid concerns about climate change.

Last June, EPA executive Michael Reagan said on Thursday that the agency would review the certification provision under Section 401 of the Pure Water Act (CWA) of 2020, which was issued by its predecessor Andrew Wheeler. To protect its water resources.

“We have tough water challenges to face as a nation, and as an administrator of the EPA, I will not hesitate to correct decisions that weaken the power of states and tribes to protect their water,” Reagan said.

The Trump administration focused on speeding up major energy projects, and targeted the Section 401 approval process because it allowed states Nova York, New Jersey and Washington blocked large pipelines, coal export terminals and other projects they believed would increase greenhouse gas emissions.

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Under the Trump administration, states cannot bar water use permits for a project for any reason other than directly polluting state waters.

It will set a one-year deadline for states to approve projects. At the time, Wheeler cited climate change concerns and said states could no longer use Section 401 to stop projects.

But the 2020 rule will remain in effect until the EPA establishes a public consultation period for shareholders and maintains continued dialogue with regulatory agencies and state and tribal governments.

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