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O presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden, antes da Cúpula do G7

U.S. parties agree on $ 958 billion in infrastructure package

Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement this Thursday (25) to allow the progress of a $ 958 billion infrastructure investment plan.

Not even half of the $ 2.25 trillion initially proposed by US President Joe Biden.

Funding forms for the package announced by the White House include reducing tax imbalances, redistributing unused funds by 2020, “strategic” sales of oil reserves and public-private partnerships.

The plan encompasses a broader view of infrastructure, which is a point of contention between Democrats and Republicans. Clean transportation, clean water, global broadband, clean energy and climate change are the “infrastructure” that this report highlights.

“President Biden believes that we are at a critical juncture between democracy and dictatorship,” the document said. Therefore, “at this point in our history, the” Democrat “hopes to prove to the world that American democracy can help,” the statement said.

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US President Joe Biden ahead of G7 summit
Photo: Joe Giddens / Getty Images

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