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U.S. Destroyer crosses the Psforo Strait into the Black Sea – International

Last Friday (11), a US destroyer sailed towards the Turkish Sea of ​​Tartanelles and Phosphorus, which is a source of tension between Ukraine and Russia, according to Turkish state-run Anatolia.

The “USS Laboon” crossed the Psforo Strait, which provides access to the Black Sea, with a team from the Turkish Coast Guard. It took two hours to cross, informing Anatole who had posted videos and photos of the trip.

In mid-April, Turkish media and media reported that the United States had stopped sending two warships to the Black Sea due to tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

For the 1936 Montreux Conference, which manages traffic on Turkish waters, non-Black Sea countries must announce their departure 15 days in advance.

The deployment of US warships was seen as a sign of support for Ukraine, which was canceled a day after a phone call between US President Joe Biden and his Russian rival Vladimir Putin.

Biden has proposed meeting with Putin to “alleviate tensions” in Ukraine, and the summit will be held in Geneva on Wednesday.

In turn, Biden invited his Ukrainian envoy Volodymyr Zhelensky to the White House this summer.

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