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Two planes collide at Heathrow Airport in England

Two planes collide at Heathrow Airport in England

DTwo planes collided on the runway at Heathrow Airport in England on Wednesday at 8 pm.

According to passenger reports, after the incident between the Icelandair flight and the Koreanair flight, about ten police cars were on the runway, as well as several fire engines.

Passengers believe they will no longer be able to travel this Wednesday. A Korean tourist said, “There’s no chance the flight will take off tonight,” according to the Daily Mail.

According to other passengers, “they were looking out the window” and noticed that the plane was “very close to the tail of another that had stopped”. According to eyewitnesses, “The captain did not say much that the flight was not going to take off due to a technical problem.”

A spokesman for Heathrow Airport revealed that “emergency services are attending to an incident involving two aircraft”, Sky News advances, adding that an investigation into the incident is underway.

No injuries were reported and no significant impact on other flight arrivals or departures is expected, although passengers are advised to check with airlines.

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