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Two ingredients and you have the best cockroach repellent in the house

Two ingredients and you have the best cockroach repellent in the house

Living with cockroaches that appear all the time in the house is a problem that affects many Brazilian homes. In fact, anyone who lives in an urban center will have to deal with these relatively unpleasant and dangerous insects.

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Therefore, they carry in their bodies a series of germs and bacteria, which could pose dangers to the human body. Roaches even seek out cupboards and places where food is stored, contaminating your home’s supply of supplies. There is no shortage of reasons to make homemade repellents.

How to make the best homemade cockroach repellent

To prepare the best homemade cockroach repellent, you will need the following ingredients in your home:

  • One tablespoon of regular sugar
  • One tablespoon of toothpaste.

How is the product applied?

As you can imagine, you just need to mix the two ingredients together to make the best homemade cockroach repellent you can find today. Make sure that the result is very homogeneous, mixing the two ingredients.

The brand of the products does not matter. In fact, the simpler the better, because what you want is a white, well-combined mix for the best possible effect. Roaches will deposit in the house after applying the formula.

Once you have the finished product in your hands, place it in the most strategic place in your home. It includes:

  • door stoppers
  • Bases and sides of windows
  • House entrance
  • external banks
  • bathroom drains
  • sink cupboard
  • dresser;
  • The store.
  • Bedroom wardrobe
  • yard.

Consider where cockroaches tend to breed so you can leave some home repellents on hand. a sugar It will attract insects, but the lack of teeth makes it not return as it is poisonous to them.

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